Here we are half a year later and I didn’t write any blog posts. Even the first one wasn’t really a blog post and more like a hello world.

Writing this one was also met with some resistance. I had hoped I could’ve just copied the bit of code in my readme paste it in the terminal and be on my way but sadly this was not the case. All of a sudden the variable $PWD gave back my path with a ;C concatenated onto it. Who knows why this is the case and I don’t feel like finding out.

You know this is often my problem. I want to do something simple like write a blog post but first I have to go through all this other shit which needs to be solved before I can actually do what I intended to do.

I’m not sure if just writing down my thoughts is interesting but I’m going to do it anyway because I feel like the only way to get to know how to write a better blog is by doing it. This goes for most things really. For example the best way to learn how to program something is to actually make something and looking up the answers as you go. Just watching tutorials has done very little for me. I mean it’s nice and relaxing but it doesn’t actually stick. Same goes for cooking you can watch tutorials or read recipes all day but until you start doing it you won’t really have learned anything.

Enough about me let’s try to talk about an interesting subject. Like… I don’t know. My god it’s hard to come up with something. Maybe optimistic nihilism or science fiction books.

In my own words I would describe optimistic nihilism as: “Because anything we do doesn’t really effect the universe in any meaningful way we get to invent what is meaningful and act accordingly”. This is a comforting thought for me because I’m often thinking about if the things I’m doing really are the things I should be doing. But knowing this I can just do what makes me happy and I’ll have nothing to worry about. If you would like to know more check out this video and blog post.

The last paragraph took way too much brain power maybe I’ll write about science fiction books another time.